How to join Dynapharm to become a Distributor

How to join Dynapharm and become a distributor - Karrel Hamutenya updated World
Dynapharm is a Network Marketing business that gives business opportunities to young people and old people across the world, if you want to run your own business and make your own rules, Dynapharm is the right business for you.

Dynapharm background

Dynapharm is a pharmaceutical company originating from Malaysia, founded by Mr. Oi Ho Chooi and it began its manufacturing operation in 1981.

Dynapharm logo - Karrel Hamutenya updated World

Dynapharm has a unique network marketing business and products which makes it far better than other network marketing businesses

Dynapharm came to Africa in 2005 through Uganda, and it started to spread to African countries. In 2014, Dynapharm was introduced in Namibia, since then it started to spread from town to town.

In this article I want to focus on how to join Dynapharm as a distributor and become part of the big engine, I will share it with you, according to my experience as a distributor.

Dynapharm products are categorized in more than one category, starting from cleansing and detoxifying products, nutritional supplements, immune booster, anti-aging, mental, physical, sexual health products, diet, and weight management supplements, natural relief supplements, cosmetics/personal care products, health water, and agricultural products (DI Grow).

Most Dynapharm products extract from well-known plants in health circles special in Asian countries, which include plants like:

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest plants believed to live 200 million years, it's known as the “King of Medicine”

Alfalfa plant whose name means “father of food” in Arabic.

Tongkat Ali plant is well known for its enhancement of male libido and cancer prevention, and improving blood circulation, you can also get plants like  Ginseng, Spirulina, and Grape seeds just to mention a few.

How to join Dynapharm?

There were two packages available, namely the Food Supplement package and DI Grow package, both of them cost N$650.00 to join.

Dynapharm packages

DI Grow package: DI Grow package, you will get:

  1. Two bottles of DI Grow for 1L
  2. DI Grow booklet
  3. One DI Grow Red for 1L
  4. Dynapharm bag
  5. Body system guide
  6. Marketing plan book
  7. Business manual book

Join Dynapharm Namibia

Food Supplement package: With food Supplement registration, you will get:
  1. Tongkat Ali 4 in 1 coffee
  2. Chlorophyll plus Guarana 500ml
  3. Yeeginkgo 30’s
  4. Dynapharm bag
  5. Product Catalog
  6. Business Manual book
  7. Marketing plan book
  8. Body system guide book

Join Dynapharm Namibia

What is required to join Dynapharm?

Dynapharm is the easiest company to join as a distributor, to join Dynapharm, you only need to have your identity document (ID) and the registration fee, registration can be done on the same day and you will start your business right away as long as you get a Dynapharm member number

What benefits do you get in Dynapharm?

As long as you are in Dynapahrm you will enjoy running your business, there are lots of benefits available in Dynapharm, and you are your limit.

1. In Dynapharm as a distributor you can earn money in 7 ways, such as Retail profit, Fast Track Bonus, Performance Bonus, Leadership Royalty Bonus, Profit Sharing Bonus, Car, and House bonus, and Year-End Diamond clubhouse, I will explain to you in another article on how you can earn in all of this ways.

2. As a member you will also enjoy a 25% discount on every product you will buy in Dynapharm.

3. Dynapharm products have great profits, and you are free to make any price that you want yourself.

4. Dynapharm has quality products that you can enjoy for yourself, your family, and your customers.

5. There are more product categories, this means you don’t need to focus on one product and you have a chance to make more sales. E.g Per day you may get one customer who wants to use DI Grow which falls in the category of farming, one customer who wants to use healthy water, one customer who wants a cosmetic product, one who wants to cleanse and detoxify and the list goes on, so you have that big chance of getting at least one customers on one of the categories compare to other companies that focus on one or two categories of products.

6. You can travel the world, and meet new people every day through selling and teaching about Dynapharm products.

Are you ready to start your independent life with Dynapharm, call or text me here you will be on my team and I help you run your Dynapharm business? Get your registration fee I will refer you to the Dynapharm center where you can make your payment and registration.

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