Why Instant Coffee Mixture with Tongkat Ali is the best for men?

Tongkat Ali

Instant Coffee Mixture with Tongkat Ali is extracted from the Tongkat Ali plant using the latest scientific techniques and the highest quality controlled methods to produce higher quality coffee.

You might be familiar with the Tongkat Ali plant from different health products, if you are not, don't worry, in this post, I will explain it.

Tongkat Ali plant is also known as Long jack or by a scientist name, Eurycoma Logifolia is a flowering plant in the family Simaroubaceae. It is native to Indochina, Indonesia, and also has been found in the Philippines. Tongkat Ali plant is a medium-sized slender shrub that can reach 10 m in height, and it is often unbranched.

You might see Tongkat Ali on products like Longjack, Double wood supplements, Longjack 200:1, and many more.

Instant Coffee mixture with Tongkat Ali 4 in 1
Coffee mixture with Tongkat Ali Dynapharm

Dynapharm Tongkat Ali Coffee is specially formulated with higher quality Tongkat Ali Extract and coffee to produce natural Tongkat Ali and Coffee flavor.

Tongkat Ali coffee is known for:

  • Enhances male libido, health, and vitality. 
  • It also helps improve blood circulation
  • Prevent ulcer
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Strengthen kidneys
  • Ease rheumatism
  • Prevent Malaria
  • Prevent Cancer

According to one of the studies, Tongkat Ali has the ability to increase Testetorone and it has Glycoprotein which drives sex in men. If you are not performing very well on the bed with your wife, I recommend you to get one box of this coffee.

it's also found effective in helping men to last longer during sex and also helpful to those men with low sperm count

Tongkat Ali water-soluble extract is superior in efficacy and quality. The dosage is standardized and the formulation is based on pharmacokinetic studies and observations, to ensure its effectiveness, safety, and efficacy. Scientists and researchers have shown that the water-soluble extract is safe and non-toxic even at higher dosages.

Other reasons you need to take Tongkat Ali:

It's Anti-fever Effect

In 1995, it was reported that the quassinoids from Tongkat Ali have an anti-fever effect. From this experiment, it was proven that the quassinoid in Tongkat Ali is 2 times more effective than antipyretics.

Anti-malarial Effect

Studies on the biological effects of Tongkat Ali began in the 1980s where they showed that the roots of Tongkat Ali contain certain plant chemicals and peptides that have the capacity to kill malaria parasites.

Anti-oxidant Properties

Studies conducted by the Forest Research Institute, Malaysia (UKM) discovered that Tongkat Ali contains SOD (Superoxide dismutase) a kind of antioxidant enzyme. It was shown that Tongkat Ali inhabits the chain reaction of tree radicals which can be harmful to the body system.

Cancer Cell Inhabits

Researchers in America and Japan reported that plant alkaloids found in Tongkat Ali have the effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in animals and the spread of leukemia.

How to use it

Dissolve 1 sachet of Instant Mixture Tongkat Ali into a cup (200ml) of hot water.
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