4 Bonuses every Dynapharm Namibia distributor can earn in 2022

4 bonuses every Dynapharm Distributors can earn

Network marketing business is becoming a popular business model since it gives multiple ways to earn money within one business. In this article, we are going to look at 4 bonuses every Dynapharm Namibia distributor can earn in 2022.

Dynapharm Namibia is one of the best companies that offer network marketing business through its health products.

Apart from the retail profit, every distributor can earn in Dynapharm, Dynapharm also offers four other bonuses every Dynapharm distributor can earn in 2022, regardless of your rank and the time you stay in Dynapharm.

The key is to understand what you want to achieve. If you understand these 4 bonuses for Dynapharm and build your goal based on these bonuses, you will testify one day.

You may hear about other companies like Long Rich and Easylyfe.

One of my friends who join most of these companies has told me more about many empty promises from these companies but compared to Dynapharm it seems there is a big difference. I'm not advising you to leave any of these companies to come to Dynapharm Namibia, if you want, do it on your own choice, by the way, let us look at these 4 bonuses every Dynapharm Namibia distributor can earn in 2022.

4 bonuses every Dynapharm Namibia distributor can earn in 2022

  1. Fast Track bonus
  2. Performance bonus
  3. Cashback 
  4. Consistency bonus

I repeat, if you understand these four bonuses you will earn them every month.

1. Fast track bonus

The fast track bonus is the bonus earned by registering others in Dynapharm Namibia. This is one of the bonuses you can earn up to N$102 987 500 per month, it all depends on how you register and how active your downline will be.

Dynapharm Fast Track Bonus

For you to earn that amount of money you need to register more people and they must be active to reach the minimum of 140PSBVs each per month. I wrote this article, on how to earn N$43 750 per month, check it out.

2. Performance bonus

Dynapharm Performance bonus is a bonus paid to a distributor for buying products in Dynapharm Namibia. This is a bonus you can earn up to 44%.

Dynapharm performance bonus

Dynapharm calculates this bonus by combining the total amount of BVs you and your downline get and multiple them with a certain percentage where it qualifies. For example, if you and your downline make the total amount of 500 GBV it will be multiple by 6%.

To earn this bonus make sure you earn 280PSBV or 700PSBV start of the rank of a manager upward. Read more about Dynapharm Performance bonus.

3. Cashback

Cashback is also a bonus earned instantly by registering a distributor, which is N$70.00. This money is paid back to you the moment the distributor you register is paid N$650, they will take N$70.00 from N$650 and give you your cashback right away.

4. Consistency bonus

Dynapharm Namibia Consistency bonus program

A consistency bonus is a bonus earned by qualifying with a certain amount of BVs in three consecutive months.

To qualify you need to earn a minimum of 280 PSBVs up to 1400PSBVs each month for three consecutive months. The amount of bonus you will earn depends on the PSBVs you qualified for within that three consecutive months.

I hope now you will start to work with the target, these 4 bonuses can be earned by any Dynapharm distributor, whether you join today or you have been in Dynapharm for many years.

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