How to treat piles/hemorrhoids to get rid of them forever

How to get rid of the piles forever

It's wearied to go through the same pain throughout your life. I met numerous people complaining and seeking the best solution of how to treat piles/hemorrhoids to get rid of them forever.

I have shared a couple of articles related to how to treat piles/hemorrhoids, but in this article, I'm going to share with you more information on how to treat piles/hemorrhoids to get rid of them forever.

The main key here is to understand what is piles/hemorrhoids. Piles/hemorrhoids are swollen veins found to be around or inside the anus.

Prostate solution

There are traditional methods of treating piles/hemorrhoids like cutting them and using cream and pills, but none of them seems to give a long last treatment for hemorrhoids, they may reduce pain or treat them in a short period.

It's sounding weird, right? Yes, I have been going through that dilemma and the scary part is that having hemorrhoids for a long time can cause colon cancer.

How do treat piles/hemorrhoids to get rid of them forever?

  1. Drink too much water
  2. Take Ginkgo and Ginseng powder Coffee
  3. Eat food high in fiber
  4. Don't forget step number one

If you want to treat hemorrhoids to get rid of them forever, you need to treat them start from inside outward.

To treat piles/hemorrhoids forever you need to follow the several steps below.

1. Drink too much water.

One study found that every person loses water in the body for an average of 2.0 to 2.5L per day. Whether you stay or work in a room that has air-conditioners, you still have to lose water in your body when you speak, breathe, and sweat.

Drink to much water to treat piles

When your body dehydrates your colon absorbs water in your stool resulting in dryness of the stool. When you will go to the toilet, during passing stools you will experience pain and be injured by the hardness of the stool.

Drinking too much water will prevent your body from dehydrating then the colon cannot absorb too much water in the stool.

Best if you make your healthy water at home to avoid drinking too much unhealthy water which will lead to sickness again.

2. Take Gingko and Ginseng powder Coffee.

Dynapharm Ginkgo and Ginseng powder Coffee treat piles

Gingko and Ginseng plants contain anti-inflammatory flavonoids such as Quercetin and Kaempferol that are found effective in reducing the swollenness of the vein.

These two compounds can also dissolve blood within swollen veins.

On top of that, it also improves bowel movements which can help you to go to the toilet every day to avoid forming hard stools.

3. Eat food that contains fibers

Food higher in fiber for treating piles

Foods that contain fiber promote bowel movements and ease the digestion process, and prevent constipation

4. Don't forget step number one

One study found that our body contains approximately 70% of water. Most people find it difficult to drink more than 2L per day due to lack of time, and special workers. Workers mostly forget to drink water because sometimes they are always busy with work.

How these steps are different from other methods of treating piles/hemorrhoids?

Other methods of treating piles are focusing on symptoms, whiles these steps I share with you here treat starting from the cause to the symptoms.

Where to get Ginkgo and Ginseng coffee?

Ginkgo and Ginseng can be found in many places, if you are in Namibia, special if you are in Rundu, drop your number in the comment section I will contact you, or you can contact me here.

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