Best Dynapharm products for children suffering from Cerebral Palsy


Dynapharm products best for children suffered with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder usually caused by brain damage before or at birth that causes loss of control of muscles in arms, legs, and other parts of the body. In this article,  we will look at Dynapharm products best for Cerebral palsy.

Mostly the sign of Cerebral Palsy may be noticed in childhood or preschool years when the child shows abnormal posture, abnormal body movements, or unsteadiness in walking.

You can also observe other symptoms like difficulty with swallowing during eating, and an imbalance of eye muscles, some even experience walking problems, blindness, and deafness may be the cause of Cerebral palsy.

 According to one of the studies, cerebral palsy doesn’t make changes to worsen or improve when children grow, although the shortening of muscles and muscle inflexibility may worsen if no treatment is done.

Dynapharm products with Celebral Palsy

The cause of Cerebral Palsy may vary from person to person.

Here are the most common causes of Cerebral palsy

  • Maternal health
  • Infant illness
  • Premature birth
  • Lack of nutrients in the body

Maternal health 

During pregnancy, a woman may experience various problems that may cause Cerebral Palsy in an unborn baby, or during birth. This may include problems like sicknesses such as chickenpox, cytomegalovirus, and Syphilis.

Infant illness

Sicknesses in a newborn baby who suffered many sicknesses increase the risk of having cerebral palsy, which may include sicknesses like bacterial meningitis, untreated jaundice, and viral encephalitis.

Premature birth

A normal baby is born at 40 weeks, and a baby who is born under 37 weeks has a higher risk of having cerebral palsy.

Lack of nutrients in the body - Lack of nutrients and vitamins in the body can cause poor brain development which leads to Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment with Dynapharm products

Cerebral Palsy may be worsened if it remains untreated for a long time. Therapies, home remedies, and supplements may help to improve functional abilities.

If you are in Namibia, you might use these  Dynapharm products.

Best Dynapharm products for children suffering from Cerebral palsy

1. Spirulina

2. Yee Ginkgo tablets

3. Chlorophyll plus Guarana

4. Yee Yang Yen

5. Gingseng capsules

6. Goat's milk tablets

1. SpirulinaSpirulina contains various nutrients that will be required in improving the ability of muscles and born of the body functions.

2. Yee Ginkgo – Yee Ginkgo is known for improving blood circulation and improve the nervous system. Improving blood circulation in the body may lead to improvement of body functions.

3. Dynapharm Chlorophyll plus GuaranaChlorophyll plus Guarana may help in renewing cells and supply more oxygen to parts of the body special the brain, which may increase the ability of muscle functions and brain functions.

4. Yee Yang Yen – Yee Yang Yen prevents vascular and cerebral accidents such as stroke and heart attacks.

5. Ginseng capsules – Ginseng capsules are extracted from the plant called Ginseng, which is known as the “King of Medicine”, it can increase body immune function and prevent diseases caused by modern lifestyle, frequent consumption helps recuperate strength as well as contribute to longevity.

6. Goat's milk tablets - Goat's milk tablets are higher in nutrients and vitamins such as protein and calcium which can help in children's growth and strengthen bones.

Before using these supplements mentioned above, it might be necessary to find out to the doctor if your children are suitable for them or not.

Moreover, your doctor may help you to locate support groups, organizations, and counseling services in the community. Support from the family may benefit more to the child to cope with Cerebral Palsy

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