Cristiano Ronaldo on his former team mates

Cristiano Ronaldo on his former team mates

On the Sunday,  the Purtugal Superstar had an interview with Piers Morgan where he shared his feeling about his life since his return to Old Transford, one year ago.

In one section of this interview, Cristiano Ronaldo was asked if he was angry that he had been criticised by former United team-mate Wayne Rooney.

"Probably, because he finished his career in his thirties. So, I'm still playing at a high level. I'm not going to say that I'm looking better than him, which is true, but..." Cristiano Ronaldo.

In Monday's segment of the interview, he also spoke about another former team mate- Gary Neville.

He recently blanked the former England right-back, who was working as a Sky Sports pundit.

"It's hard to listen to that kind of criticism and negativity about people who play with you. For example, Gary Neville, as well. They are not my friends," said Ronaldo.

"It's easy to criticise. I don't know if you have a job in television that they must criticise to be more famous, I really don't understand.

"I think they take advantage of [my profile] because they are not stupid. It's hard when you see people who were in the dressing room with you criticising that way." Cristiano Ronaldo

In the previously released section of the interview, Ronaldo - who earns £500,000 a week - claims the club are trying to force him out and he does not respect manager Erik ten Hag.

Ronaldo scored 118 goals for United between 2003 and 2009 and his return in the summer of 2021 was celebrated by the club fanbase - although he seems to have alienated a large section of them with this interview, which will be shown in full this week.
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