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We use to take CVs for those who want to write for us, later we found out that all those people who claim to be writers or reporters are not. So, we decide only to give contracts to those who are serious to work with us. We prove this by giving a writer three months or more to prove to us that he/she can write/report and can be a worth worker for us. If you prove to us that you are a serious reporter/writer we can give you a contract within three months. We are still new in the industry, so we need people who can post daily. If interest please sign up here


If you sign up, We will send you the invitation link that you need to accept, once you accept the invitation then please download the Mobile APP here if you are using a phone, open the APP, login by clicking, "I have a Wix account", make sure you use the same password and email you use when you sign up. If you successfully open the APP then start writing news anytime and everywhere.

Or, You can use the link, by just go to the home page and open any article, you will see "create new post"

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