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Karrel Hamutenya Updated World is a blog owned by the Namibian blogger and social media agency, Karrel Hamutenya, this blog is focused on products and business reviews in any category. E.g. Foods, Services, Entertainments, technology, and many more that are not mentioned here.

This blog receives thousands of Namibian readers who want to know more about the products I review.

Why choose this blog?

Today's marketing is more effective online than physical. Throughout the time I spend on internet marketing, I realised that serious customers want to know more about products or businesses before they take any decision, whether to buy or not. 

As a blogger, through an article, I reveal more of the hidden good thing about your product and business. I believe that any product or business has something good which customers fail to understand, that is why sometimes it is struggling to get more customers or clients. 

In short, customers are won through inspiration and knowledge of the product, just like how they said a pen is mightier than a sword.

Remember that an article I write about your product or business is not only for a specific time advertisement but it is a continuous advertisement that will last forever, rather than going to the radio station where they can advertise your business or product for a few days.

Our price

I charge according to the task is given to me, for an article of a product review is starting from N$150.00 up.

  1. An article only for one product review and advertising on my social media platforms is N$150.00, this is a good offer for the small business
  2. An article for the whole business and advertising on my social media platforms is starting from N$500.00 for individuals and N$1500.00 for companies.
  3. A series of articles is negotiable
  4. The interview article is only N$150.00
Please contact us for any inquires