5 Best ways to use Dynapharm Instant Coffees

Avoid and follow these five things when you are using Dynapharm Instant coffees

5 best way to take Dynapharm coffees

Instruction is very important and can lead to success if you follow them, because the ones who give them, find them effectively, if you will follow them, you will see better results.

In this article, I want to share with you the best way you must take Dynapharm instant coffees so that you can accelerate your treatment for any sickness that you want to treat.

If you have been using any Dynapharm Instant coffees before, you might have a testimony for it, if not, maybe you use it wrongly, and I'm going to share with you the 5 best ways to use these Dynapharm instant coffees.

Dynapharm has various instant coffees that are mixed with different herbs extract. Dynapharm instant coffees have been used as supplements to improve our health. 

We do have coffees that can treat Piles, improve memory, prevent erectile dysfunction for men, improve eyesight, improve blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, anti-asthma, and regulate and maintain blood levels, and many more which I didn’t mention here.

Let us dive into the five things you have to avoid when using Dynapharm instant coffees if you want to see better results.

5 Best ways to use Dynapharm Instant Coffees

1. One sachet for one cup
2. Volume of water must be 200ml
3. Don't over-heat water that you are using
4. Don't add sugar
5. Right time to take the coffee

1. One sachet for one cup

Most people want to use these coffee sachets more than one time as they seem to be big for one cup.

Most of the Dynapharm instant coffees sachets weighing 21g to 45g each, many people think it’s big to put it all in one cup, then they usually pour in a cup until in the middle and leave half of it for the next time. 

So if you are one of these people who do such things, now you have to change it because that’s wrong, though some have found it effective to do it like that. 

The right way to do it is to put it all in a cup, don’t leave anything in the sachet. One cup for one sachet!

2. Volume of water must be 200ml

As I state before, the sachet it’s only 21g to 45g and it can only be mixed in 200ml of hot water.

I don’t know how big your cup is, but make sure that you mix the sachet in 200ml of hot water, don't over-dilute it.

3. Don’t overheat your water

Dynapharm instant coffees consists of different minerals and nutrients if you mix it with overheated water, you will weaken some minerals and nutrients.
Don’t cook it. Just make hot water that will dissolve the coffee to be suitable for drinking.

4. Don’t add sugar.

Don't add sugar there is already the right  amount of sugar in it. Sugar is one of the major causes of some of the sicknesses you are suffering. So, even if it won’t taste sweet, I’m sure that you will love the taste.

5. Right time to take it.

Time to take Dynapharm instant coffees also plays a major role. Early in the morning and evening before dinner is the best time to take Dynapharm instant coffees. if you are fighting infection sicknesses, make sure to drink it while your stomach is empty.

Follow and avoid these five points listed above, I'm sure you will testify one day.

It’s not a guarantee that if you buy these Dynapharm coffees you will be healthy but speaking from my experience you need these coffees for yourself and your families.

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  1. I have been using this coffee for many times, I use to add small sugar but it help me a lot. Thanks for sharing, I think I will stop adding sugar. But yes, it's the best coffee for everyone.

    1. Thanks very much buddy, I'm glad to hear that it has help you a lot, stay blessed

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