Write for this blog

Thanks for choosing to work on this blog, Karrel Hamutenya's Updated World is a blog that features more than one topic and worked with more than one writer.

Karrel Hamutenya's Updated World in the past was focused only on healthy tips and products reviews and now News topics and Celebrities stories are needed, which means more than 10 writers are required to do the job.

Note that, you are only be paid if you will be able to bring more readers to this blog, it doesn't matter, when you join, as long as you are serious, you can start paying per month but if you are not serious, don't waste your time.

The range of payment can be starting from N$2000 to N$5000. Remember that, you will only be paid if you are contributing not because you are a member. 

If you are interested to join my bloggers and writers, here are a few things you have to know.

1. I only accept serious and ambitious writers who want to work as serious writers, who can able to write at least two articles per day.

2. You must be at least 18 years old but not older than 35 years.

3. You are only allowed to write Celebrity stories, Sports news, Products reviews and Business reviews, and Opinion articles.

4. If you are successfully accepted and join my writers, you will be paid monthly and every article of Product or Business review will be approved to be posted on this blog.

5. You must be at least post one local news per day.

6. Don't do copy and paste from other blogs

If you agree with these five points listed above please send me an email at hkfamily95@gmail.com, with your name and categories of topics you want to write about. E.g. Namibia Celebrities news or Sports news.

Watch this video on how to join