Reasons you have to go for Full Body Check Up with Dynapharm Namibia

Full Body Check Up

At Dynapharm Namibia, we conduct a comprehensive Full Body Check Up to ensure you stay updated about your health status, especially focusing on the inner parts that some sicknesses might not be immediately visible.

The Full Body Check-up covers all internal organs such as brain, eyes, lungs, heart, blood, veins, bones, joints, stomach, intestines, kidneys, reproduct systems, skin, hormones, and many more not mentioned in this list.

Full Body Check Up covers all organs
Full Body Check Up covers all organs

It also diagnose vitamins deficiency in your body, which is one of the major challenge people are experiencing now.

Vitamins deficiency can cause severe health problems and even death. A deficiency in Niacin (vitamins B3) causes the disease called pellagra which was common in the early twentieth century in part of America. The common signs and symptoms of pellagra are known as 4Ds, Diarrhea, Demartitis, Dementia, and Death. Until scientists found out that better diets relieve the sign and symptoms of pellagra, many people with the disease ended up hospitalized in insane asylums awaiting death.

What about this: What if some of your internal organs are rotten, or if you have certain vitamin deficiencies?

Some illnesses, such as liver diseases or kidney issues, are commonly identified at a stage where medical intervention might not be effective.

These are some of the reasons we urge you to opt for a Full Body Check Up. It enables you to understand how your body is functioning and able to discover any sicknesses in your body.

Full Body Check Up in Namibia

Our Full Body Check Up is done using a Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer that scans the entire body, identifies root causes of potential illnesses, and suggests the appropriate procedures to address any issues detected in your body. This can help you to fight the sickness at early stage and make it easier for treatment.

Why many medicine you take not successful give you the treatment you need?

This is because your doctor, nurse or any of your health providers give you medicine according to the symptoms and information you give them.

For example: Because you are experiencing headache doesn't mean that you have the problem with your head.

Headache can be cause by lots of complications in your body. Therefore, Full Body Check Up will help to give you the right information about the cause of your headache.

The check up is only suitable for people above 10 years older, excluding pregnant women.

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

You'll receive your report on the same day, along with recommendations for the right dietary choices and products to resolve any issues detected by the machine. It's an enriching experience; those who have undergone it can attest to its benefits. So, why waiting?

Book your appointment now! Simply click here and send your full name and the name of your town you are right now.
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