A woman kill a man she found in her house

Man killed by woman
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On Monday, a woman of 25 years old was taken into custody for reportedly killing an unknown man whom she found in her house.

A man who was identified as Fans Dawids, aged 35, died after being stabbed twice in his rib. 

According to The police statement, the woman arrived at her home around 01:25 and noticed that the door was unlocked. As she entered the darkened home, she claimed to have heard a male voice informing her that he was awaiting her. Subsequently, the man supposedly grabbed her from behind, and a physical altercation ensued. Allegedly, the woman obtained a knife and stabbed the man twice in his lower ribs. The man fled the house and collapsed on the ground, unconscious.

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Police and ambulance personnel were summoned to the scene, and the man was pronounced deceased by medical staff. 

The body was transported to Keetmanshoop Police Mortuary for an autopsy. 

Investigations by the police are ongoing

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