A prophet threatened to remove followers from his page

Simon Shaahama

The Prophet goes by the name Simon Sheehama of Simon Sheehama Ministry, threatened to ban and block some of his followers who are commenting negatively about his failed prophecy.

A few days ago, the Man of God took to social media where he declared a prophecy regarding a man who disappeared. He prophesied that the man would come back home safe and healthy on Monday. However, it turns out that the man was found dead before Monday, as his prophecy stated.

Prophecy failed

The prophecy is now circulating on the internet, and people are wondering if Simon Sheehama is indeed a true prophet or not.

In response to his failed prophecy, he stated that it was not his will but God's will. He also referred to a similar story of Jonah from the Bible. This is what he responded with:

"A lion is not the fastest animal in the jungle, neither is it the strongest animal, yet it’s a great threat to the entire jungle. Let me come to the Junction and meet up with thousands of talks about a missed prophecy by Prophet Simon Sheehama. Yes, it’s in the nature of God to miss it. God Almighty sent Prophet Jonah to go tell Nineveh to repent, lest he would bring it down in 3 days. The prophet completed the evangelist work as it was said by God and then went to sit under a shade to wait upon what would befall Nineveh by the hand of God. But the Bible said it never came to pass! Was Prophet Jonah fake? No, did he lie? No, but it was God who didn't fulfill what he told the people that the city would be destroyed by God. It was what God told him!!!!

No one is qualified to question God. Let us not move too fast out of lack of knowledge; we might end up attacking God Himself, and it has heavy consequences in it.

A word is enough for the wise."

However, his response did not sit well with everyone, and some people still asked and mocked him in the comments section on most of his posts.

This made him take the decision to threaten them, stating that he would block or ban them if they continued:

"Be informed, all witches and wizards, I am starting to cleanse my page spiritually and physically. If I see you commenting nonsense on my posts, I will remove you from my page. I didn’t invite anyone to follow me, nor have I convinced anyone to believe in me!"

These are some of the comments and screenshots.

Followers comments

Matheus Leevi Ilongeni, who was prophesied to come back on Monday, was found dead, and it was revealed that he had committed suicide. He had a wedding ceremony scheduled two days ago before he went missing.
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