Former Mr. Gay is not happy how Namibian are supporting Miss Namibia


Wendelinus Ndiwakalunga Hamutenya has expressed frustration over the way Miss Namibia is being promoted in Namibia.

Jameela Uiras, the current Miss Namibia, succeeded Cassia Sharpley and is currently representing Namibia at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador.

The former Mr. Gay, took to social media to voice his discontent regarding the differing support shown towards Miss Namibia based on her tribal background. He highlighted the disparity in attention between Jameela Uiras, who hails from the Damara tribe and others who hail from various tribes.

Jameel Uiras

Support for Jameela Uiras has seen Namibians actively engaging by sharing and following the Miss Universe page to comply with voting requirements. Renate Shilongo, a makeup artist, initiated a social media movement to collect funds for voting purposes, aimed at assisting individuals who cannot vote for themselves. Consequently, Jameela Uiras has garnered substantial support, currently ranking in the Top 5 with over 100,000 votes.

Took to Social Media, Wendelinus Ndiwakalunga Hamutenya wrote: 

"Tribalism is really evident in Namibia. Over the years, we've had Miss Namibia representatives from various tribes, yet there hasn't been equal attention given to them when on the international stage. Suddenly, there's a disproportionate focus on the current Miss Namibia, which is truly frustrating!"

Jameel Uiras get her car

Moreover, Debmarine Namibia, Pupkewitz Toyota and the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation made history. Jameela |Uiras is the first Queen who will keep the car after her year of reign in the history of the Miss Namibia Pageant.

How to support Miss Namibia follow Miss Universe Beauties competition.

Like Miss Universe Beauties Facebook Page, follow the page and share photos to your profile or page.
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