Court Dismisses Agency's Claim against Gazza

Lazarus Shiimi Gazza

Local music sensation Lazarus Shiimi, popularly known as Gazza, emerged triumphant in court yesterday as the high court dismissed a claim brought against him by Trinity Transaction Advisory, an agency company alleging to have secured lucrative ambassadorship deals for the artist with NBL and KFC.

Trinity Transaction Advisory asserted that they had brokered a substantial 2 million Namibian dollar deal on behalf of Gazza, entitling them to a monthly fee of N$45,000. However, the musician was accused of failing to honor the alleged agreement, leading to legal action being taken against him.

Lazarus Shiimi Gazza

Represented by legal counsel Appolos Shimakeleni, Shiimi successfully refuted the agency's claims, resulting in the court ruling in his favor and dismissing the matter entirely. Moreover, the court awarded costs to Shiimi, marking a definitive victory in this legal battle.

This outcome underscores the importance of clarity and transparency in contractual agreements within the entertainment industry. Gazza's legal victory reaffirms his commitment to fair business practices and serves as a reminder of the need for artists to exercise caution when engaging with third-party agencies.

As Gazza continues to make waves in the music scene, this legal triumph adds another chapter to his storied career, solidifying his reputation as not only a talented artist but also a savvy businessman who navigates the complexities of the industry with diligence and integrity.
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