Namibian Businesswoman Cathy Kambanda shared her inspiration story

Cathy Kambanda
Cathy Kambanda 

Cathy Kambanda, born in Swakopmund and raised in Tsumeb, has emerged as a woman whom many can lean on. She is a businesswoman, coach, the founder of National Mental Health Care Namibia, and Humanitarian Award winner.

Her background is truly inspiring, especially for women. At the age of 13, she experienced something traumatic, she was raped. Her story has now become a learning experience for many.

Interview by FreshFm Namibia, she said her situation lead her to complete grade 12 with poor grades, which made her life even more difficult. She enrolled in Liqua College but had to drop out due to financial constraints.

Cathy Kambanda
Cathy Kambanda won Humanitarian Award

Her entrepreneurial journey began while working in a stationary shop, where she earned N$1000. After the shop closed, she ventured into her own stationary and furniture business, the business that make her earn her first million dollars within six months as she was supplying furniture to government stores.

Despite initial success, she mismanaged her finances in a short period of time, leading her to search for employment again. Due to her qualifications, she struggled for almost seven years.

She started attending business coaching sessions which revitalized her spirit, leading her to establish National Mental Health Care Namibia. 

Cathy Kambanda

In the interview, she said that she chose to start this organization because she had experienced similar hardships and understood the toll it takes on mental health. 

Her aim was to help those facing similar situations and prevent mental illness.

Expanding her services, she also offers business coaching for mothers seeking independence through entrepreneurship, for youth aspiring to become entrepreneurs, and she is also a motivational speaker.

Last year she was honoured with the Humanitarian Award.

You can follow her Facebook page for more motivation post and videos.
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