Amushelelo's political party deregistered by ECN

Amushelelo's political party deregistered by ECN

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has deregistered two political parties, requesting that the National Assembly remove their MPs immediately.

The NEFF and CDV parties were deregistered due to alleged non-compliance with the Electoral Act of 2014 regarding financial statement submissions.

ECN Chairperson Dr. Elsie Nghikembua informed National Assembly Speaker Prof. Peter Katjavivi of the deregistration in a letter.

The impact of this decision on NEFF and CDV's participation in the November 27 Presidential and National Assembly elections remains uncertain.

ECN spokesperson De Wet Siluka confirmed the deregistration, noting that more details would be provided later.

Amushelelo's political party deregistered by ECN
Epafras Mukwiilonga

NEFF leader Epafras Mukwiilongo acknowledged the deregistration but stated he would offer more information to the media tomorrow
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