Dynapharm introduce a better way to treat Piles/Hemorrhoids

Piles are one of the sicknesses many people may feel ashamed to talk about with their relatives, but did you know that Dynapharm introduce a better way to treat Piles/Hemorrhoids?

Best ways to treat Piles

Piles are inflammation and swollen veins that are found to be inside or outside the anus, they may vary in size. Some years back, pile sickness was one of the threatening sicknesses in some cultures due to the methods of treatment they use.

Piles mostly like to happen to old people, to those who sit for a long time special those who work in offices, to pregnant women, and also to those who lift up heavyweights.

The causes of piles can be lack of drinking water, constipation, chronic diarrhea, some food that you eat,e.g bread, and so on.

Someone who is suffering from Hemorrhoids/piles may show the following symptoms.

  • Feeling pain during defecating or after
  • Feeling itching around the anus
  • Back pain
  • Poor sex performance
  • Bleeding on the anus
  • and many more

Piles can be classified in four ways, from stage/grade1 to stage 4

Different stage of piles
The different grades of piles

Stage 1- Stage1 mostly found inside, may look like pimples, or small inflammation. It is hard to see.

Stage 2- Stage 2 is more likely the same as stage 1 but it might appear bigger compared to stage 1 piles. It is also found inside the anus. But they may be pushed out during defecation and can be returned inside by themselves later.

Stage 3- Stage 3 is bigger can appear outside the anus but is easy to be pushed back.

Stage 4- In stage 4 they always appear outside the anus, in this stage, treatment is needed

The treatment of Piles may be different which include injection, surgery, and medication like a Painkiller that only reduce the pain, they don't really treat permanently. And don't forget that piles are a vein that contains blood vessels.

A better way to treat piles/hemorrhoids

Dynapharm makes a better way to treat piles and hemorrhoids by just introducing an Instant coffee mixture with Ginkgo and Ginseng powder.  

Instant Coffee mixture with Ginkgo and Ginseng
Instant Coffee Mixture with Ginkgo and Ginseng powder

Dynapharm introduce coffee made from Ginseng and Ginkgo plants. Ginseng and Ginkgo plants are the most powerful plants been used in the medical industry in Asia.

In Asia Ginseng is recognized as the "King of medicine" and Ginkgo is known for improving blood circulation.

This coffee is not just the easiest way to treat piles but is also the safest way to treat piles.

Note, other methods of piles treatment like injection, surgery may be painful, and other methods of taking medication like Painkiller, only reducing pain, it won't be treated permanently.

If I will advise you, I will recommend you to go for this coffee, it treats piles, and it is easy to use, just like other coffee
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