How to use DI Grow on decorative plants and flowers


How to use DI Grow on decorative plants and flowers - Karrel Hamutenya Updated World
DI Grow green on decorative plants and flower

I hope your mission is to see your plants or flowers in your house shining and looking attractive to your visitors and yourself, if that's the mission, DI Grow is here for you.

DI Grow is one of the best liquid fertilizers which contains plant growth hormone and all nutrients needed in the plant (macro and micronutrients). For a plant to look attractive or grow fast it must get all nutrients and good soil.

There are many types of DI Grow available to use on plants, which are DI Grow Red, DI Grow Green, DI Grow K, and DI Grow 8.

The most commonly used on plants are DI Grow Green and DI Grow Red. Both of these are liquid fertilizers that can be used in different phases of the plant.

DI Grow Green can be used during vegetable and seeding phases while DI Grow Red is used during flowering and pollination phases. 

In this case, we are looking at non-fruits plants which means only DI Grow Green can be used.

decorative plants with DI Grow - Karrel Hamutenya Updated World
Decorative flowers and plants

Do you want to apply DI Grow Green on mature plants or do you want to plant them now? Let us look at how you will apply it.

On matured plants and flowers, before you open the DI Grow Green make sure that you shake it well, mix 75ml of DI Grow Green into 15L of water. You can apply DI Grow on plants or flowers by spraying or you can flush water on the plant or on the roots. 

Apply DI Grow Greeb on your plants or flowers three times per month. This means you will apply DI Grow green after 7 days then you stop until 7 days then you stop again, once you reach 3 times then you stop until next month..

You can only apply DI Grow morning time around 6 to 9 AM or evening time, around 4 to 6PM.

On new plants and flowers, You can still mix 75ml of DI Grow Green in 15L of water, apply DI Grow Green on the 7th day after planting.

Note, DI Grow cannot be applied under the hot sun or when it is about to rain.

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  1. If DI Grow green is only for vetables and leaves, why DI Grow red can't be used on the flowers

    1. Hi friend, There is a different between flower for fruits and nonfruit flowers which is for decoration. In this article I only talk about decorative flowers which cannot produce flowers for fruits. Thanks for asking I hope I make it clean for others.

  2. Yinke nani ruganesa pokurunga and do I need to buy a container that I can use for praying? I mean so kupomberesa, ndi nkenye esi nagwana?

    1. Hi Lidia, kuvhura kuruganesa nkenye esi sindini sawapere, ntani hena kuvhura kurungisa nkenye eyi, or you can put in the container and shake it.

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