How do you get your Wix website monetized by Google AdSense within Weeks

Wix site is the easiest website builder for beginners to start with and the cheapest website host apart from Bluehost.

The good news is that when it comes to subscription, if you cannot manage to pay for a yearly plan you can opt for the monthly subscription plan which most of you (I think) you can manage.

I like the blogging lifestyle because you can live wherever you are in the world and manage your business as long as you have access to the internet, and the best thing about blogging, it allows you to do more than one businesses on one site.

But one question you should ask yourself is that, besides selling products, how do you monetise your work through blogging?

If you ask me this question, I will tell you that there are plenty of ways you can monetise your works through blogging but the easiest one is through placing advertisement on your website.

Google AdSense is the most common advertisement platform most people and companies are using on their website.

The same advertisement you can see on my website is the same advertisements you will see if you visit the BBC news website, so, no one likes to leave this free money.

In this article, I want to share with you four ways on how to accelerate your wix website approval to show advertisement from Google Adsence. 

As you know, get your website approved to Google Adsense is not easy but here are the four ways that will help you if you are using Wix website.

1. Don't use a free domain

If you are using a free wix website domain, I bet you, Google Adsense will keep on telling you to improve your wix website, no matter how good your wix website design looks. So It's best if you buy your custom domain and connect it to your site.

2. Don’t add Google AdSense App on your wix website before you apply for approval

I think this is the main error designers make, I believe that Google uses something like a Plagiarism checker to approve websites instead of people as they said. So, this checker system can disapprove any simple mistakes that are found on your wix website.

If I can advise you, don't add Google Adsense APP on your wix website before your website is approved.

Copy the Google code to your wix website paste it and request the review, I know, it will fail to get it when it will scan the code but press, “continue” and give it time for your wix site to be reviewed.

3. Don’t add lots of pages

Despite Google AdSense App, when it comes to Wix website you have to connect your site with different APPs for you to offer some of the services on your wix site.

So, adding more pages may require you to add those APPs which will end up being the stumbling block for your wix website from getting approved. So the best way is to limit adding more pages and limit services to your site until your wix site is approved.

4. Apply for Google AdSense when your wix site still have few articles

There are misleading information most bloggers tell each other. They said that Google approves a website until it reaches a certain number of views. 

My dear friends, that’s not true, your site can be approved within the first day you publish it. The only problem comes when you publish more articles, those images and videos you used in your articles can violate Google policies which will end up your site being disapproved. 

So, my advice is, if you want your wix site to be approved quickly, apply for Google AdSense while your site only has few articles.

I believe this is the best trick you can get your wix website approved within weeks, if you want help on Wix site designer, you can reach out to us here.

Good luck with your new lifestyle of blogging.
Karrel Hamutenya

News articles writer, covering topics such as sports news, celebrity news, product reviews, and business reviews.

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