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The methods on how to use DI Grow green - Karrel Hamutenya Updated World

Do you have DI Grow and you are facing difficulties on how you can apply it to your plants or vegetables, this article is definitely for you, if this article is not satisfying what you are looking for about applying DI Grow, don't hesitate to leave your comment in the comment section, I will help as soon as I get it.

DI Grow fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer made from Acadian seaweed, and contains complete ionic elements, both macro ionic elements (N.P.K, Ca, Mg, S) and micro ones (Fe, Ze, Cu, Mo, Mn, B, CI).

DI Grow contains plant growth hormones, such as auxins, cytokines, and gibberellins.

It also contains humic acid which is capable of improving crop growth, expanding them, and optimizing crop production.

DI Grow it’s an organic fertilizer, it doesn’t contain chemicals and it’s not harmful to your plants or animals.

We have four types of DI Grow, namely:

1. DI Grow green, we have 1L and 4L
2. DI Grow Red, we have 1L and 4L
3. DI Grow K for 1L
4. DI Grow 8 for 1L

But in this article, I will only cover DI Grow Green on plants alone and I will write about others in the other article.

DI Grow green is multipurpose fertilizer that can be applied during vegetable phases and seed phases. The good news is that DI Grow green can also be given to Animals, poultry, fish, and pigs.

You might ask questions like how DI Grow green works?

- DI Grow green accelerate the vegetative growth of plants
- Stimulate flowering/insemination and prevent the plant and fruit from falling easily.
- DI GROW green, increases appetite for animals, fish, and poultry.
- It also promotes growth in plants, animals, fish, and poultry.
- It also improves immunity in plants, animals, fish, and poultry.
- It also increases the production of plants, animals, fish, and poultry
- DI Grow green can Increase crop yield from 15% to 300%.
- It wasn’t long ago, that it was discovered that DI Grow green can also treat foot and mouth disease in animals.

DI grow green does more than these points I mention here, but let us look at how to apply them to your plants/crops.

Application on the plant can be done in many ways. Can be done through the Roots infusion method, Drilling Injection Methods, and Soaking. But the most applicable method recommended to the DI Grow user is spraying, especially if you want to apply DI Grow on vegetable crops.

1. Roots infusion methods

Best way to apply DI Grow using Roots infusion - Karrel Hamutenya Updated World
Roots infusions methods

This method can be done if you want to apply DI Grow green on the grown big tree, it can be done by making holes next to the tree and pouring the water mixed with DI Grow Green in those holes you dig or you can just splash the water on the plant's roots.

Mix 400ml of DI Grow green with 15L of water, dig four holes around the tree, the holes must be 1/2 fit deep, 1 fit away from the tree, pour 1L of mixed DI Grow Green in each of the holes, repeat the same procedure after 30 days.

2. Soaking method

How to apply DI Grow green using soaking method - Karrel Hamutenya Updated World
Soaking Method

Soaking can be done by putting seeds in water mixed with DI Grow green for a certain period. Seeds with a soft seed coat can be soaked for 30 minutes, seeds like Beans, G/Nuts, Peas, Maize, etc. The seed with hard seed coats like Rice, etc can be soaked for 24 hours, while Stems like Cassava, Sugar cane, etc can be soaked for 15 minutes.

Mix 3ml of DI Grow with 1L of water or 45 to 50ml of DI Grow with 15L of water.

3. Spraying Method.

best way to apply DI Grow using spraying method - Karrel Hamutenya Updated World
Spraying method

Spraying methods may be suitable for small plants or vegetables. It can be done by using a sprinkler if you are applying DI Grow on a big area, or you can use a small bottle if you are applying DI Grow on a small area, water must be mixed with DI Grow green and sprayed on leaves and stems. The best way to apply DI Grow is in the morning around 06:00 to 09:00 or late evening at 4:00 PM.

Rate to use, see the diagram below

Note: Don’t apply it in the hot sun or if the rain is about to rain.

4. Drilling Injection Methods

How to apply DI Grow methods by Drilling Inject - Karrel Hamutenya Updated World
Drilling Injection method

This is the method that may require professionals as you have to drill holes in a plant. And pour water mixed with DI Grow green in the holes.

How to mix water with DI Grow Green?

It will depend on the plants you are applying, for the mature plant 75ml of DI Grow can be mixed with 15L of water, while for immature plants/crops 25ml of DI Grow green can be mixed into 15L of water.

Make sure that DI Grow is shaken well before applying it.

I hope you may like to have your DI Grow green, if you are a farmer, you can now order your DI grow here
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