Why you have to use Liquid Chlorophyll plus Guarana

Why you must drink Chlrophyll plus Guarana

When it comes to health, everyone wants to be healthy but at the same time, most of the sicknesses we are suffering come from the food we eat. Some said that “we are what we eat”.

Let me introduce you to Liquid Chlorophyll plus Guarana 

Liquid Chlorophyll plus Guarana is a cleansing and detoxifying supplement,it is a natural or organic supplement contains powerful Chlorophyll extracted from a plant called Alfalfa plant and Guarana Plant

Dynapharm Liquid Chlorophyll plus Guarana - Karrel Hamutenya Updated World
Dynapharm Liquid Chlorophyll plus Guaran

In Arabic, Alfalfa means father of food, it was named this name because of its powerful healing properties.

The combination of Chlorophyll and Guarana makes it even more powerful to give you the health your body needs.

How does Liquid Chlorophyll plus Guarana work?

At the beginning of the post, I state that Liquid Chlorophyll plus Guarana is a cleansing and detoxifying supplement, its major duty is cleansing and detoxifying all toxins within the body systems which will lead to improvement of blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply to the tissues, improving skin health, stroke, and prevent many more sicknesses.

This is one trick of the body you need to know:
“Most of the sicknesses cause when one part of the body is fail to perform it's duties, therefore one problem can lead to another”.
Let us use an example of cells. Any part of your body is made up of cells.

Cells are the tubes where blood flows from one part of the body to another.

When blood is needed on the toes, it passes through cells(artery), if blood is needed in the heart, it passes through cells (veins), but if the cells are not clean, it will struggle to deliver blood to the part where it is needed which will cause another problem.

To help your body to work well, your cells must be clean and blood flows in clean cells.

Let us assume, you have a problem with bad cholesterol in your arteries which is affecting your blood circulation. This problem will show different symptoms like headache, heart attack, rashes, tiredness, asthma, stroke, etc. 

Bad cholesterol - Karrel Hamutenya Updated World
Cholesterol in blood

If you go to the hospital, you will only explain these symptoms to your doctor, and your doctor will give you the medicines according to your explanation.

In this case, you might be given the wrong medicines, for the wrong sickness, why? Because headache or rashes that you tell your doctor is just symptoms and can be symptoms of many different sicknesses.

The only solution to this problem is for your body to go through cleansing and detoxifying to lower bad cholesterol in your arteries so that blood will flow freely in the artery.

Liquid Chlorophyll plus Guarana is best for this duty because it will clean the whole body system, purify your blood, clean your cells, and leave your inner part clean and working properly.

Believe me, all the medicines you get from your doctor could help you, but if they work in an unclean environment, you will battle the same sickness every month.

The best part of Chlorophyll plus Guarana is that it works like a Master Reset. If you don’t know where the problem is, just take Liquid Chlorophyll plus Guarana to reset everything to normal by cleaning every part of your body system.

Most doctors advise their patients to undergo cleansing and detoxification after every 3 months to avoid further accumulation of toxins because some of the food we eat sometimes toxify our blood and our body systems.

So, when you get sick, it is not easy to know what is the problems, because different sicknesses show the same symptoms.

Note: Don’t wait until you are sick.

What is the best way to use Liquid Chlorophyll plus guarana?

Chlorophyll is not harmful, and it's not a medicine, can be taken as food, it can be taken anywhere, at any time, and can be taken even if you are using other medication already, but if you take any medicine, I can recommend you to take Chlorophyll plus Guarana first.

Recommended: 1 hour before your medicine, to allow it to clean your system so that your medicine will work in a clean environment.

Take 15ml of Chlorophyll plus Guarana, and mix it in a full of glass of water. Stir and drink.

Note:  Chlorophyll is a cleansing avoid to  take it at the same time with your medicine.
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