Namibian Correctional Service to Release Over 2,000 Offenders Following Presidential Pardon

Namibia Correctional Service

The Namibian Correctional Service (NCS) has announced the release of over 2,000 offenders following a Presidential pardon and reprieve, as per a gazetted proclamation.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the NCS confirmed that the Presidential pardon and reprieve will take effect on 21 March 2024, in accordance with the powers vested in the President.

According to the announcement, 313 inmates from correctional facilities across the country will be pardoned, and 1,108 will be released on reprieve. Additionally, among those under community supervision, 709 offenders will receive pardons, while 98 will be released on reprieve.

The total number of offenders considered includes 4,330 inmates in correctional facilities and 1,574 under community supervision.

Namibia Correctional Service

This significant move aims to address overcrowding in correctional facilities and reintegrate offenders into society.
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