Zambian Politician Joseph Kalimbwe Poisoned During Visit to Namibia

Kalimbwe Joseph

Windhoek, Namibia – Renowned Zambian politician, author, and activist Joseph Kalimbwe, born on March 25, 1993, has revealed that he was poisoned during his recent visit to Windhoek. Kalimbwe, who arrived in the Namibian capital last week, shared the alarming news on his social media platforms today.

"Friends, we wanted to notify you that over the past 2 days, I have been unwell & receiving treatment for continuous diarrhea of water and blood.
Kalimbwe Joseph poisoned


Kalimbwe Joseph poisoned

We visited a local medical facility in Windhoek today & aspects of food poisoning were detected. We shall be well & return to Lusaka!!" Kalimbwe wrote.

Kalimbwe Joseph

This unsettling news follows his earlier announcement of his arrival in Windhoek last week. The exact circumstances surrounding the poisoning remain unclear, and there has been no official statement from local authorities in Windhoek.

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Kalimbwe, known for his outspoken activism, has made significant contributions to literature and politics in Zambia. He has authored three books, including "Persecuted in Search of Change" (2017), "The Pain of An Empty Stomach" (2015), and "Teenage-Hood & the Impact of the Western World" (2014). His works reflect his commitment to social justice and the challenges faced by the youth in Africa.

As Kalimbwe recovers from this incident, his supporters and followers across social media platforms are expressing their concern and sending well-wishes for his swift recovery. The incident has also sparked discussions about the safety and security of political figures in the region.

Kalimbwe's condition is being monitored, and he plans to return to Lusaka soon. Further updates on his health and the investigation into the poisoning are expected in the coming days.
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