Colostrum Prolink one of Dynapharm most important product

Colostrum Prolink one of Dynapharm most important product

Colostrum Prolink is Dynapharm product in a form of powder made from 100% pure cow’s colostrum that contains immunoglobulin and growth factors. Study found that Colostrum Prolink able to strengthen the physique, and best treatment effect for adolescents and those who are weak.

When the newborn baby is born, it is fed the purest and most complete food, mother’s milk which called colostrum.

The study shows that colostrum which pass from the mother's breast during the first 72 hours after birth has higher concentrations of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. 

Colostrum is essential to the proper development of the newborn as it contains immune factors, growth factors, antibodies and enzymes. 

Dynapharm's Colostrum Prolink is the best product for those children who didn't get the chance to feed on their mother’s first milk when they were babies.

Research has shown that the immune and growth factors of cow’s colostrum are nearly identical to that of human colostrum and are just as effective in preventing bacterial, fungal and parasitic attacks. 

The immune factors in cow’s colostrum such as immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, and cytokines, are in fact 20 times more than that in humans, that’s why it can improve the symptoms of HIV, AIDSs, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. 

The growth factors in the colostrum help normalize the growth of aged or damaged bone, muscle, skin collagen, cartilage and nerve tissue. As such, it is highly effective in retarding the ageing process. It also helps burn fat for energy and assists in the internal regulation of blood glucose levels.

Dynapharm Prolink
Dynapharm Colostrum Prolink uses 100% colostrum from the first milking of cow and has added Lactic Acid Bacteria and Nano Calcium. 

Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifid bacterium lignum suppress the reproduction of bad bacteria and prevent its release into the bloodstream, thus ensuring a healthy intestinal tract. 

Nano calcium has a particle size that is extremely small, making it 100% available for absorption by the body. Long term consumption can prevent osteoporosis.

How to use colostrum Prolink?

Dissolve one sachet of Prolink in 200 ml of warm water. Take one sachet before meals. For those with a weak constitution, increase to 2 sachets before meals.

Where to find Dynapharm Colostrum Prolink?

Colostrum Prolink is available in Namibia, you can contact me here

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